Pop-Up restaurant V.V POP, from Vamia Finland

Business idea

In this day where everything seems to be so fast and on the go, people need to have something that they can rely on. something that they will feed them enough to go through the day or maybe for a couple of hours. We know that there are things on this planet that you can not combine – oil and water, fire and ice, cats and dogs, the royal family and Meghan Markele (opps). What if, we can serve a delicious, healthy and gourmet food that doesn’t take long to make, but can be eaten anywhere, anytime? seems too good to be true, well, here we go, welcome to VAMIA VAASA POP UP. wait, or maybe we can call it, V.V. POP!

what is V.V. Pop?

V.V. Pop is a pop up restaurant that can just appear anywhere that is feasible for business to run. Schools, mini events (or maybe big Event, why not?!), meetings, or simply a weekend stall in your market place. The concept of the business is to provide meals, that can be eaten fast, easy , and healthy food. not to mention it should be INSTAGRAMMABLE.

It should also provide some jobs and extra earnings not only to the stakeholders, but also to the local community as well. it will try to generate all of its ingredients as much as possible locally. thus, this will ensure the sustainability of the business and the support for local products.

V.V. POP can also provide some ideas to future entrepreneurs on running a pop up restaurant. Students can learn some aspects of the hows, whys, and whats of a business. thus, to provide this, the stakeholders needs to study a well structured business plan that they may seek via their teachers, boss, other entrepreneurs and family as well. As the saying have said,  Rome wasn’t build in a day, so gear up for the long ride.

Also part of the process on which the stakeholders needs to improve on the future are their skills. yup, when we are talking about skills, it means the totality of running a business. From the cooking skills all the way to the marketing side, this is a must. You can not go to war with only a few ammunition, if you wanna go deep in this venture, you have to be fully equipped to be able to succeed.

Wait, it seems like we have been through so much but, why does we call it V.V. Pop? and why?

Well, during the brain storming, plenty of names have come out. from this to that, but, it seems like it was lacking something. and what was it, RECALL. yup, there should be a recall every time you say the restaurant. so since the stakeholders are from Vamia Vaasa, then it is a Pop up restaurant, why not call it, V.V. Pop?! Just like those K pop dramas and series that were on netflix.  a good recall, sounds great and easy to memorise (at least).

So, for Mary, Qurat, Aileen and George, this is the start of the marathon. Something that they can build around and make it into a reality. the journey will start NOW.

VV POP-UP restaurant event (kitchen)

Meet The Pop-Up Team

Team Vamia

VV POP-UP restaurant event