Module 4: Traditional and Professional cooking skills with modern technologies

Part 1: Taste of future cooking, Cooking competition event


The purpose of this module is to combine traditional professional cooking techniques and modern methods. Students will plan, prepare and present safe, appealing food that reflects contemporary food trends.

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module student is able to: 

  • knife skills, most common cutting techniques
  • group working skills (nationality inside the group, different cultures)
  • mise en place skills, set up, service, cleanup
  • nature as a part of food making (respect of local products)
  • present cooking  techniques combined with past and future skills
  • use different methods to prepare components for plated dishes or menus

Teaching and learning strategy

The students learn the skills in practice by working in versatile food preparation tasks. They prepare, cook and display food and combine traditional and professional cooking techniques with modern methods.

Students produce and share digital material using a creative commons (CC) license in different networks and social media platforms. 

Teaching and learning strategy combines pedagogical models that simulate working life and encourage students’ team spirit, motivation and activity.

ECVET (EQF Level 4)

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