Module 3. Sustainable gastronomy

The purpose of the module  Sustainable gastronomy

The purpose of this module is to learn to make environmentally friendly food and to understand
environmental indicators.

Part 1: Taste of future cooking, Cooking competition

Part 1: Learning outcomes  (EQF Level 4)

On successful completion of this module student is able to:

● create healthy food choices (e.g. healthy eating plate)
● understand climate changes (e.g. how to eat environmentally friendly)
● explain environmental indicators (e.g. carbon footprint, the water footprint, green gas
emissions, the ecological footprint)

Part 2:  Pop-Up event

Part 2: Learning outcomes (EQF Level 4)

On successful completion of this module student is able to:

  • recognise organic food and organic farming labels (e.g. EU logos and labels)
  • avoid producing food waste (e.g. impacts for wastage, wastage reduction, recycling and food preparation)
  • understand sustainable innovations (The student designs and implements the food recipe)
  • use renewable materials for packaging

Teaching and learning strategy

The students learn the skills in practice by working in versatile food preparation tasks.
Students learn the use of local ingredients, to be initiative and get to be familiar with profitable
food preparation in line with sustainable development and they will put together environmentallyfriendly portions following the plate model.

Students produce and share digital material using a creative commons (CC) license in different
networks and social media platforms.

Teaching and learning strategy combines pedagogical models that simulate working life and
encourage students’ team spirit, motivation and activity.

ECVET (EQF Level 4)

Open Badges

  • In order to apply for the Open Badge, the student must have some web platform (for example Google Drive, Office365, OneDrive) or a blog to report or make a presentation on a subject applied for.
  • The Badge application is linked to the above report or presentation
  • Click on the badge icon you want to apply for
  • You will find more information about the badge you are applying for
  • Click on “open criteria in new window"
  • Fill out the application and link the attachment file (report, presentation, blog)

Click on a badge icon below to see it’s Learning goalsRequired evidence and Fill the application form


Open Badges for POP UP EVENT