Sustainability plan

The Dissemination, Exploitation of results and Sustainability work package aims at generating a strategy and tools for the dissemination of the project outcomes as well as for its sustainability and exploitation at EU level. In particular, the dissemination strategy of the project reaches targeted groups identified, informs them about project results and ensures their engagement in exploitation and valorisation of project results.
P6, IKASLAN Gipuzkoa, representing a partnership of the vocational training public schools of the Basque Country, was the leader of the dissemination and sustainability strategy and activities.
P6 in partnership with all partners and supported by the coordinator generated an overall dissemination strategy; designed and developed dissemination content and materials, enabled links between the partnership and external stakeholders and target groups, and monitored and evaluated the performance of dissemination efforts.
All partners launched a direct communication to engage own network. To ensure sustainability after the end of the project, the consortium continues to disseminate project results with own resources due to strategic importance of the project activities as their own task.
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Edited by Sergio Fidalgo, Ikaslan Gipuzkoa & Mika Heino, Omnia, 2021