Pop- up event

Pop up restaurants as an enhancement of entrepreneurial skills and teamwork

Organising a learning activity where students from partner countries together design and execute a pop-up restaurant for a happening to help them gain entrepreneurial skills. This enables them to gain both vocational and entrepreneurial practice during the activity.

At the same time, quality will increase with a strong work-based component that also embeds a trans-national mobility experience as part of the cook’s competence entity. The aim is at perfecting students’ culinary skills.

The workshop starts with the students communicating through 360° platform by presenting themselves and forming teams. (Pop-up restaurants will be executed in mixed teams with students from different partner organisations.)

  • virtual demonstration of your skills
  • social media platform (Blog, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • pop up restaurant business plan
  • develop a poster to advertise the event

Priority is to make skills and qualifications more visible and comparable in labour markets in different European vocational colleges and enterprises from hotel, restaurant and catering industry.

Pop-Up restaurants will be set up together with educational institutions and other players. Students have free hands to plan the whole process from start to finish themselves. The role of the teacher is mainly to act as a catalyst for the energy-generating group. Participating students are expected to be interested in food design, innovation, experimentation and art of cooking. The Pop-Up restaurant gives students the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and passion for cooking. At the same time students share and develop their working skills. It also improves student’s international competences and language skills through life experience.

Pop-up restaurant requires more than culinary information.
It challenges students to critical thinking, working together as a team. It also gives a chance to develop students’ peer learning skills. Teams navigate the challenge with their mentors as a master-apprentice relationship.

Many top chefs use pop-up restaurants to expand their culinary careers, while others use pop-up restaurant as a way to level the dining field, offering gourmet food at affordable prices. Pop-up restaurant will also give students feedback on what to do better with their cooking because people from the public are judging the food. These events will drastically improve the success of any cook in the culinary field.