Module 1. Personal Branding and Marketing

Part 1: Taste of future cooking, Cooking competition event


The purpose of this module is to provide a basic understanding of social media skills in terms of own professional development. At the same time, the student creates a professional portfolio. A portfolio illustrates goals and development of students.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this part 1 student is able to: 

  • create a professional blog or design and create advanced websites as a portfolio
  • create a video resume
  • create a social media account, for example, Instagram
  • take part in one professional competition
  • demonstrate international competences (flexibility, adaptability, languages, teamwork, intercultural communications)
  • using social media as a tool in a professional context, for example, Facebook

Teaching and learning strategy

Students produce and share digital material using a creative commons (CC) license in different networks and social media platforms.

Teaching and learning strategy combines pedagogical models that simulate working life and encourage students’ team spirit, motivation and activity.