Open Badges English

Clear guidance – Open Badge
  • In order to apply for the Open Badge, the student must have some web platform (for example Google Drive, Office365, OneDrive) or a blog to report or make a presentation on a subject applied for.
  • The Badge application is linked to the above report or presentation
  • Click on the badge icon you want to apply for
  • You will find more information about the badge you are applying for
  • Click on “open criteria in new window"
  • Fill out the application and link the attachment file (report, presentation, blog)

Click on a badge icon below to see it’s Learning goalsRequired evidence and Fill the application form.

Receiving the Open Badges


In order to receive the competency badges, the student must have an Open Badge Passport account.

  • The approved open badge application must be received by email
  • Congratulations!  You have successfully demonstrated your skills and earned the open badge!
  • Get the badge from the link –Get the Open Badge here
  • Continue – Clicking ‘Continue’ that will take you to https://openbadgepassport.com
  • Log in
  • Accept badge
  • After that, the Open Badger can be shared eg. on Blog, LinkedIn, facebook etc.

NOTE. Avoid direct copying.

CORE Open Badge application proess

Photo 1.CORE Open Badge application process

Open Badges for Sustainable development

Open Badges for Virtual pop-up competition event (2021)

Open Badges for Digital skills and competencies