Omnia participated in the online Kick-off meeting of the funded projects under the KA3 – Support for Policy Reform, Joint Qualifications in VET call

On 5th February 2019 Ms Oona Haapakorpi, Mr Mika Heino and Ms Qing Gu from Omnia participated in the online Kick-off meeting of the funded projects under the KA3 – Support for Policy Reform, Joint Qualifications in Vocational Education and Training call. CORE – Cooking for the future project received funding under this call’s reserve list in December 2018.

International coordinator Mr. Mika Heino is the administrative project manager and makes sure that the project meets its objectives. Vocational lecturer of Food Production Ms Oona Haapakorpi is in charge of the project’s professional content. Project assistant Ms Qing Gu also participated the meeting.She will take care of the project’s financial and other admin procedures.

Figure 1. Photo is from our online meeting

During the “World café workshop” participants were given the opportunity to discuss on the following 4 topics:

  1. Recognition of qualification: How will you ensure that the joint qualification is recognised in the countries of the partnership?
  2. Sustainable cooperation: How will you ensure that the new cooperation structures established during the project are sustainable over time?
  3. Skills needs: How will you ensure that the skills needs will be in line with labour market needs in the countries/regions participating in the partnership?
  4. VET employability: How will the project contribute to increasing VET learner’s employability, and thus to making VET more attractive?

The meeting itself was successful.

Oona Haapakorpi, Omnia