Here you can find the five new modules created during the CORE- Cooking for the future project

How to Navigate Modules

The virtual 360 degree course modules are the key focus for your studies. It’s where you’ll find your module-specific materials, tutorial arrangements and assignments.

Each virtual 360 degree course module has its own set of learning/ teaching materials but the layout of the virtual 360 degree course module front page is built the same.

Please take a look at this study guide for this virtual 360 degree course module :


“ECVET allows learners to accumulate, transfer and use their learning in units as these units are achieved. This enables building a qualification at learners’ own pace from learning outcomes acquired in formal, non-formal and informal contexts, in their own country and abroad. The system is based on units of learning outcomes as part of qualifications that can be assessed and validated."(CEDEFOP 2020)



Digital accessibility

The virtual learning environment of the CORE project seeks to ensure digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We continually improve the user experience and apply appropriate accessibility standards.

Digital accessibility refers to designing the ability of a website, mobile application, and environments such that individuals with disabilities or sensory impairments can easily navigateand understood successfully use the device or product.

Known accessibility issues

Users may still encounter some issues with the site. The following is a description of known accessibility issues. If you find an issue on this site that is not listed, please contact us.


Some videos lack subtitles.

Some videos and audio on our website does not have the required transcriptions available. The regulations don't require us to publish fully accessible video and audio content until new content is created after September 2020.


Some images lack text description.

Missing alt text on images

Title Levels:

Using different level headers: The order and nested titles of h1, h2, h3, and h4 should be corrected for accessibility.

Official complaints

If you notice accessibility issues with the service, first give feedback to the service administrator. This response may take up to 14 days.

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