Jam contest in Tartu VEC

In Tartu Vocational Education Centre an official school jam competition has taken place for the 3rd year in a row. Schools official jam is now selected and this year the recipe came from a student.

A total of eight jams from five authors were submitted for tasting and evaluation this year. According to Maire Merits, Head of the Hospitality and Catering Department, all the jams presented were very meaningful and delicious, and the score was tight. But there was only one jam that got over 100 points from the jury. It was a plum jam which had a great color and silky consistency, and the special taste that comes from real and fresh lavender flowers. “This jam also received a lot of praise for its originality and idea," she noted. Only six points less than the winner, on the second place, was Reeli Engelbrecht’s health jam, and Mariann Karja’s raspberry-peach jam was still in the top three.

Cooking students now have to boil large amounts of that delicious jam to give it to schools guests this school year. A sticker with the author’s name and picture is also pasted on the jar.

Jams were tasted and judged by jury members Raini Jõks, Liivi Raudsepp, Kaire Mets, Raido Roostalu, Ergo Alama, Ingelo Raja, Alina Lauriku, Eret Meejärv and Olga Džepka.

Keio Kaarlõp and Sigrid Tani from Tartu VEC