Guidelines supporting the use of the European level framework for VET in the hospitality field

This guideline is designed to meet the needs of those training for or involved in the hospitality and catering industry. We have set out a framework as a basis for studies for five new modules (Personal branding and marketing, Local food, creating menus, Sustainable Gastronomy, Plant based diet and Traditional and professional cooking skills with modern technology).

These new modules are aimed at students and/or teachers from the catering field. The modules aim to assist students to understand what the skills requirements are and how they are assessed. Secondly, the framework assists in teaching/learning process and showcases how these new modules are designed to be taught.

There is a common recognition that evaluation and assessment arrangements are key to both improvement and accountability in VET school systems. Student assessment is essential to measure the progress and performance of individual students, to plan further steps for the improvement of teaching and learning and to share information with relevant stakeholders.

Guild School method has been used in the project from the planning phase on. Using the flexible learning pathways can be seen as a kind of a pedagogical model. This is also strongly visible in the project’s new modules’ lesson plans.

In this guide we also describe the approaches that are to be taken to assess individual students according to ECVET principles. In this way we hope to assist all the students and/or teachers and those who wish to study our new modules.

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Edited by Oona Haapakorpi & Mika Heino, Omnia 2021