Pop-up competition event (COVID-19/out-of-date)



To support the aims and objectives of the project there will be a Pop-Up competition event in Finland of March 2021. The aim of the event is to design and execute The Pop-up competition  where students from partner countries together gain entrepreneurial skills. Hosting the Pop-up competition event is an innovative way to increase student participation in work-based learning.

The event gives students the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and passion for cooking. At the same time students share and develop their working skills. It also improves student’s international competences and language skills through life experience.

The workshop starts with the students communicating through social media platform by presenting themselves.

After that the virtual 360 degree course modules are the key focus for your studies. It’s where you’ll find your module-specific materials, tutorial arrangements and assignments planning the  for the Pop-up competition event.

Each virtual 360 degree course module has its own set of learning/ teaching materials but the layout of the virtual 360 degree course module front page is built the same.

Guidebook on the purpose and relation of the CORE online learning modules

For The Pop-Up Competition Event

  • pop up restaurant business plan
  • develop a poster to advertise the event

Key Benefits

  • Through engaging in the competition, students learn to appreciate their own working skills
  • Students gain valuable life skills by working as a team
  • Students gain confidence by presenting and speaking about their recipes
  • Students develop culinary skills that they can use later in life

Brochure for students POP-UP Competition 2021