The second meeting of the CORE project has been held for three days, this time in the city of Bilbao, northern Spain. 
The meeting’s main quarter has been Emilio Campuzano Vocational College  and Leioa Catering School, located in Leioa, town close to Bilbao.

Photo: Project team in Emilio Campuzano Vocational College

On Tuesday the group arrived to the meeting point and after a initial visit to the Vocational College the project meeting began. During the meeting, all partners explained and presented the results of the work done until that second meeting. The group also worked in administration issues regarding the project.

As part of the agenda and as a very important part of this project, the group moved to Escuela de Hosteleria de Leioa. This school is located in the university campus of the Basque Public University (UPV-EHU) and the catering school provides with meals to most of the university students. Every day the school give between 900 and 1200 meals, a part of buffet menus and a la carte menu.

The project members were received by the school’s Head of Studies, Ms Cristina Ascorbe.  Ms. Arcorbe did an introduction of the school and organized a visit/tour around the school where she explained the way of teaching and working of the school.  Afterward the visit the group enjoyed the lunch at the school, cooked by the students of  the first year course. At 3pm the group continued with the meeting and discussion of the project.

During the meeting, the group discussed and agreed the terms related to the quality issues and administrative issues of the CORE project.

Photo: Visit to Leioa Catering School

On the second meeting day, CORE team met at Emilio Campuzano Vocational College. The group continued discussions and improvements about the project.

One of the aims of this project is to learn about the professional ways and methods of cooking and in order to gain this knowledge, Ikaslan as host organized various visit to high standar restaurants.

As first professional day visit, the CORE team had the chance to visit the ex-Michelin Star restaurant Aizian ( The Head Chef, Mr. Josemi Olazabalaga hosted the groups and after a visit to the restaurant and kitchen, the group had the chance to chat and interact with the head chef, who happily answered all kind of question from the CORE members.

Photo: CORE members at Aizian Restaurant with Head Chef Josemi Olazabalaga

After visiting Aizian, the group went for lunch to the “new wave cooking" restaurant “Kokken” (  and enjoyed a surprise menú, which delighted all participants.

After an amazing meal, the CORE team moved back to the meeting venue and continue with the project work. During this evening meeting, the groups worked hard in the future activities of the CORE Project. It was time to work on the organization of the cook contest and all the setting all the online sessions in order to prepare the cook contest. Dates are already marked in the calendar of all project members!

On the third day of meeting, the CORE team made different professional visits to top restaurants, awarded with Michelin Stars like Atelier Etxanobe or Nerua Guggengeim Bilbao.

First visit of the day took place in Atelier Etxanobe ( and the group was received by the executive chef Mr. Fernando Canales. Here the chef showed the group how they were using the latest technology in the day by day of the restaurant.

Photo: CORE members together with Etxanobe’s exceutive chef Mr. Fernando Canales

For ending our second meeting in Bilbao, the group visited the Michelin awarded Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao. It was an enriching visit where the group saw the sharp methodology of this restaurant in order to continue with their success career.

Before ending the second CORE project meeting, the group joined all together a marvellous dinner in Bilbao.

Photo: Core project team

Text: Iker Orueta, Ikaslan